Best Things To Do In Sinai Egypt
Things To Do In Sinai Egypt

Where is Sinai located?

Sinai is located in the northeastern part of the Arab Republic of Egypt, which is the only part of Egypt that follows the continent of Asia geographically,

is located west of the continent of Asia, and it is a triangular desert peninsula, 6% of the total area of Egypt, with an area of about 60088 square kilometers,

bordered to the north by the Mediterranean Sea and to the west by the Gulf of Suez and the Suez Canal, to the east of Palestine, and the south of the Red Sea,

which is the link between the continents of Africa and Asia,

Best attractions to visit in Sinai, Egypt :

Mousa Ein in Sinai Egypt :

Things To Do In Sinai Egypt
Ein mousa Sinai Egypt

It is a group of water springs with fresh water, believed to be from the era of Moses the Prophet and attributed to him;

It exploded to be rinsed in the southern region of Sinai in an area known as Ras Sidr.

Oyoun Mouses contains about twelve freshwater units, about 35 km from the city of Suez and about 60 km.

The Martyr Ahmed Hamdi Tunnel tunnel connected the Sinai Peninsula with the Suez Governorate.

mouses are in the middle between Ras Sidr and Suez.

The city of Cairo, the Egyptian capital, is approximately 165 km away, and it is administratively affiliated with the Egyptian Suez Governorate.

Oyoun Mouses is considered one of the most important tourist areas in Egypt. Tourists visit it when they go to Sharm el-Sheikh, as it is necessary to pass through these eyes,

and it takes a distinctive character, as it is beautiful with its unique and exciting scenery, which overlooks the coast of the Gulf of Suez.

Who intends to drink from it because of the sweetness of its water; It is all drinkable. Five springs have survived so far, from which water springs.

As for the rest of the springs, most of them have been buried, due to the lack of care and attention, to be inhabited by algae and come on them,

and in our days, water comes out only from one spring, which is (the well of the Sheikh), and the state is working on trying to restore this El-Ayoun and the interest in projects

that restore the place to its splendor, in addition to holding an exhibition containing some of the antiquities found in this area.

Whoever visits the eyes of Moses will find in front of each eye a sign on which the name of the eye is written, as well as the depth at which it is.

The average depth of these eyes was recorded at 40 feet.

Ras Sidr Sinai Egypt:

Things To Do In Sinai Egypt
Ras sidr Sinai Egypt

It is located on the Gulf of Suez on the coast of the Red Sea. It is located in the first governorate of South Sinai.

When coming from the direction of Greater Cairo, the distance between Cairo and Ras Sidr is about 200 km,

and there is a main sandy beach for the city that extends for a length of 95 km. The hospital contains sulfur water,

in addition to the natural tourist baths.
The city consists of 3 regions: Wadi Sidr, Abu Suwayra, and the Sidr area
Most of the people living in the town are Sinai Bedouins, especially in Abu Suwayra and Wadi Sidr
Ras Sidr is also characterized by a hot desert climate most of the time, which is the general atmosphere of Sinai
It contains many distinctive and luxurious resorts and tourist villages
It also includes luxury hotels located on the shores of the sea and aimed at tourists.

Hammam Fara’un:

sinai egypt
Hammam Fara’un Sinai Egypt

The Pharaoh’s Bath is considered a sauna and a natural steam bath, which is located 5 km from the city of Abu Zenima in the South Sinai Governorate,

and in the southern part of Ras Sidr city, 110 km from the town of Al-Tur and 250 km from Cairo.
The bathroom is a mountain cave in which boiling sulfur springs erupt in the form of a pool with a strength of 3000 cubic meters per day,

and 15 sulfur springs flow under the rocks whose temperature exceeds 92 degrees Celsius, which makes its water the hottest among the springs, springs,

and hot wells in Egypt. 1450 springs, springs, and wells.
It goes back to the fact that the name of the Pharaoh’s bath is due to this name because it was used by the Pharaohs and was inherited from the generations.
It contains sulfur water rich in mineral elements, the most important of which is sodium, which helps to heal wounds, and magnesium,

which helps skin cells to restore their vitality and restore the natural color of the skin, as well as other elements such as calcium, potassium,

silicon and mineral salts, and scientific research has proven that all these elements help treat diseases. Dermatology, eye diseases, and chest diseases.

Mount Sinai Egypt :

Sinai egypt Al-Tur - Sinai
Al-tur Sinai Egypt

Mount Sinai or the Egyptian Tur Sinai, is the capital of the South Sinai Governorate and is 265 km from the Martyr Ahmed Hamdi Tunnel on the Gulf of Suez.

The area of ​​the city of Al-Tur is about 5000 square kilometers.

It is the oldest city in the towns of South Sinai Governorate, and it is a coastal city dating back to the most ancient times
Al-Tur is one of the favorite places for tourists; Because of its mild climate throughout the year,

this city is also filled with ancient monuments and tourist attractions – especially medical tourism places that include Mount Sinai.
Al-Tur owns several important historical monuments and monuments, churches, a palm beach area, and moon beach.

Mount Sinai is called by many names, including Mount Moses, Mount Horeb, and Mount Sinai.

NABQ Protected Area:

Sinai Egypt
NABQ Protected Sinai Egypt

Sharm El-Sheikh Nabq Nature Reserve is located on the Gulf of Aqaba, between Sharm El-Sheikh, Dahab, and Wadi Um Adawy in South Sinai.

It was declared a nature reserve in 1992, with an area of 600 square kilometers, and it is one of the most important tourist places in Sharm El-Sheikh.

It enjoys outstanding views of the mountainous desert environment with dunes at Wadi Kid. It also enjoys valleys full of rare natural plants, rare coral reefs,

and colorful fish at the bottom of the bay. Many of the features are unique to this reserve

making it one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Egypt.

Saint Catherine’s Monastery :

Sinai Egypt
Saint Catherine’s Monastery Sinai Egypt

It is a city and a nature reserve in the Governorate of South Sinai, on the slopes of Mount Sinai, at an altitude of 1586 meters (5,200 feet) and 120 km from Nuweiba,

at the foot of Mount Sinai, where Saint Catherine’s Monastery is located.
The city of Saint Catherine is one of the most important tourist cities in the world, famous and includes several religious shrines

that you rarely find in one place, in addition to the presence of beautiful nature.
Saint Catherine is located at an altitude of 1500 meters above sea level, and it is the only city in South Sinai that does not overlook the coast,

and the winter season is one of the best seasons of the year and attracts tourists to enjoy the snowfall.

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