Ras Mohammed National Park Egypt
Ras Mohammed national park egypt

Where is Ras Mohammed national park?

The northern region of the nation is home to Ras Mohammed National Park.

At the tip of the Sinai Peninsula, around 20 kilometers from Sharm el-Sheikh, is the 480km2 Ras Mohammed.

Its commanding vantage point over the Red Sea has played an essential role in world history’s grand strategy.

It is now a beautiful National Park that was formed to protect marine and terrestrial creatures and maintain the natural beauty of the surrounding region.

Near Sharm El-Sheikh, this protected area is a must-see for nature lovers who want to witness the incredible variety of natural beauty

that can be found around the Red Sea.

Natural splendor flourishes in Ras Mohammed, although the development of any kind is prohibited.

This spot is ideal for scuba and snorkeling enthusiasts.

Over 220 different types of coral, 1000 different species of fish, 40 other species of starfish, 25 different species of sea urchin,

over 100 different species of mollusks, and 150 different species of crustaceans may all be found at Ras Mohammed National Park.

This region has numerous natural beauties but several shipwrecks from the days.

The navy heavily guarded the area because of its closeness to the Suez Canal, which is currently used as munitions dumps.

Why did that name call Ras Mohammad National Park?

The reason why they named the park the Ras Mohammed National Park is since it has a shape of a triangle head and

its base is formed by the series of mountains of South Sinai; others say that because of its nature which is composed of sea

and mountains and desert, it took the shape of a man who has a beard.


Top 8 attractions in ras Mohammed national park:

1 – Shark and Yolanda reef in ras Mohammed national park :

Shark Reef and Yolanda Reef are rated as one of the world’s top ten dives and perhaps Ras Mohammed National Park’s most famous dive site.
The two reefs rise from untold depths to the surface, making a breathtaking, stunning, dramatic topography. The dive is completed as a drift dive
and usually is started in the direction of Shark Reef to Yolanda. With this dive, it is essential to be quick on the entry; otherwise,
it is possible to drift on the surface and miss the most fantastic wall. It is a sheer drop down to 800 meters plus. Snappers, batfish, barracuda,
and much more hang out on the wall, especially when they mass together in the July/August peak.
It’s like diving in fish soup, and the current takes you to the ‘saddle,’ the connecting reef between two vast pinnacles.
Depending on the currents, your dive guide will guide you around the front of the Yolanda Reef.
Look out into the blue as there are often sizeable pelagic fish passing. The dive finishes on the remains of the wreck of the ‘Yolanda.
This dive can be a roller coaster ride of currents, which turn every which way during the dive – but it is an adrenalin-pumping fantastic experience.

Ras Mohammed National park

2 – Shark Observatory – Ras Mohammed national park :

Shark Observatory is a ‘must’ dive if you like wall diving. It is named after the observatory point on the Ras Mohammed national park headland.

Towers above sea level. This dive has a sheer wall peppered with inlets, overhangs, and small open cave systems,
which let the sunlight filter through the coral fringing plate above.

Ras Mohammed National Park

3 – Mangrove ChanneL :

The mangrove tree is a natural and absolute protection from the erosion of the beaches and is a repellent for tsunamis, floods, and cyclones.

It grows on seawater, a natural desalination plant for seawater. The mangrove tree works to desalinate and purify the salty water.

Its presence in the salt water is a miracle by all standards,

Egypt is a marine country in the world. In the first place, this tree grows in torrents and estuaries.

It is recommended to plant this tree to protect against erosion of beaches and climatic changes; it produces 25 times the oxygen of ordinary trees.

Ras Mohammed National park
Mangrove Chaneel Ras Mohammed

4 – The Enchanted Lake in ras Mohammed :

The Enchanted Lake, which is located in the Ras Mohammed Nature Reserve, is one of the tourist attractions in Sharm El-Sheikh,
and its name is because its waters change their colors seven times a day.
The lake contains a large number of minerals, which are used as a treatment to cure rheumatic diseases for anyone who puts
their sand on it for 12 hours, and until 1983, it appeared as land, not a lake, when photographed by satellite,
because it contained large amounts of lead at the time.
The Bedouins call this lake the “Lake of Hope,” as they swim in it and then throw some stones loaded with wishes.
Ras Mohammed Nation Park egypt
The Enchanted Lake Ras Mohamed

5 – Salt Lake :

This stunningly aqua-blue salt lake is about 200m inland from Ras Mohammed  Mangrove Channel and is a popular swimming stop.

Which has the most salinity, as its saltiness is about seven times that of the regular sea; this lake is not connected to the sea,

but is a spot in the land in the middle of the mountain that has a very high salinity, and there is one of the most dangerous

and most essential phenomena In the autumn season, the water of the lake turns as a result of the presence of a type of red-colored bacteria

that works in light of the high temperature to turn the lake watercolor to a deep red color.

Ras Mohammed National Park
Salt Lake Ras Mohammed Egypt

6 – Amazing Anemone City :

Anemone City is one of the most excellent sites in the Ras Mohammad area. The reef is steeply sloping, cut by deep bays and inlets.

The sharply angled profile is broken by some plateau or large shelves on which densely grown pinnacles and coral heads stand.

Coral growth is prosperous, particularly on the portion of the reef stretching right from the shore entry point, in the direction of Shark Reef.

Ras Mohammed National park
Anemone-City Ras Mohammed Egypt

7 – Ras Ghozlani :

One of the most beautiful diving sites in the area. Having been closed to divers for many years due to a turtle nesting beach nearby,

this site has an extraordinary collection of beautiful table corals, covered glass fish, and overall scenic landscapes.

Hard corals, red anemones, table corals, tops with shoals of fish, sea turtles, and all other fish in the Red Sea are typical.

Ras Mohammed National park
Ras Ghizlani Ras Mohammed Egypt

8 – Gate Allah Door :

The gate of Ras Mohammad has a unique design

The Egyptian Engineers Forum designs it after the October War.

This was done using a group of giant cement stones resembling granite.

The engineer later discovered that it resembles the name of ALLAH, and everyone who visits the reserve is keen to take pictures of it.

Ras Mohamemd National Park
The Gate of Ras Mohammed National Park


What is The best time to visit Ras Mohammed park?

The golden time to visit the reserve is February when temperatures rise in the summer period during the months from
June to August are the warmest, but you should know that the account receives divers throughout the year,
and if you want to see colorful barracuda fish, you should visit from July to September.

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