Best Places To Visit in Marsa Alam Egypt
Best Places To Visit in Marsa Alam Egypt

Are you looking for what to do in Marsa Alam, Egypt?

Best places to visit in Marsa Alam, Egypt, and the Best Things to do

Marsa Alam, Egypt, is a Red Sea port city.
Tourism in the Egyptian town of Marsa Alam is soaring at an unprecedented rate.
Marsa Alam, a resort town on the Red Sea Riviera about 220 kilometers south of Hurghada, is a popular tourist destination.
As a popular destination for sunseekers who enjoy the calm and beauty of Marsa Alam’s beaches, windsurfers and scuba divers flock here
The beach is lined with palm trees and mangroves, making this a genuinely tropical haven.

Moreover, it serves as a good beginning point for additional investigation.
Marsa Alam turned from a small fishing town to a diving center and famous sea resort.

The city became known globally, receiving tourists from all over the world.

It also has an international airport in the north called Marsa Alam airport,

which receives European and domestic flights that added development to the city. The villages of Marsa Alam are still untouched;

its beaches and natural beauty are well preserved. Here are some of the best places you can visit to enjoy the city of Marsa Alam in Egypt.

 1 – Snorkeling tour at Abu Dabbab Beach :

Abu Dabbab Beach is known for being home to the endangered Sea Cows, also known as “Dugong.”

Only seven live in the Red Sea waters, and in Abu Dabbab, you can see two of them.

In addition, it has a sandy beach with crystal clear and warm water. The beach hosts a vast variety of colored fish, green Turtles,

and the endangered Dugong, as mentioned before.

It doesn’t matter if you are not a diver or snorkeler; you can still enjoy its clean and well-organized beach.

Best Places To Visit in Marsa Alam Egypt
Snorkeling in Marsa Alam Egypt

2 – Wadi El Gimal national park :

Wadi El-Gamal Protected Area has located 350 km from the city of Hurghada and has 50 rooms from the town of Marsa Alam, south of the Red Sea.

For my king of the Red Sea, which is a piece of paradise as some call it, as well as the most beautiful diving and snorkeling experience.

The Wadi El-Gimal Reserve contains biodiversity, migratory birds, and beautiful beaches.

Wadi El-Gimal is one of the most beautiful places on earth, where the lost camels are known to foreigners and Egyptians who do not hear about them.
Wadi El-Gimal Nature Reserve was declared a nature reserve in 2003

The valley also includes many rare and endangered species of plants and animals, in addition to the mangrove gatherings that extend along the coasts of the region,

the best coral reefs and seagrass, which are a shelter for some marine creatures such as mermaids and sea turtles, and an environment suitable for

the reproduction of fish and invertebrates, and all this plays a significant role for the system. The climate in the region.

Best Places To Visit in Marsa Alam Egypt
wadi el gimal Marsa Alam

3 – Sataya reef in Marsa Alam Egypt :

Shaab Sataya, also known as the Dolphin Reef, is located at the south-eastern tip of the Fury Shoal diving area off Marsa Alam.

This horseshoe-shaped reef has been aptly named after the friendly mammals that can be spotted regularly on site. Additionally,

you’ll be amazed by whitetips, fusiliers, Spanish dancers, and parrotfish, at different depths, from 4 to 40 meters.

The site can be reached by boat from Marsa Alam and is included on many liveaboard Red Sea dive safari trails.

If you’re not really into scuba, it is also a perfect destination for snorkeling.

Best Places To Visit in Marsa Alam Egypt
Sataya reef Marsa Alam Egypt

4 –  Dolphin House – Sha’ab Samadai Reef :

The Samadai Reserve in Marsa Alam, Egypt, ranked first in Africa and the Arab world as the largest concentration of dolphin flocks

and the third in the world after the Hawaiian Islands and Brazil.

There you will find swarms of dolphins having fun, jumping, and enjoying swimming and diving in their kingdom

“Dolphin Sanctuary.” Samadai Reserve or “Dolphin House” is a “special” protection area 14 km from Marsa Alam.

It is a coral reef area that takes the shape of a horseshoe in the middle of the water, its width is 500 meters, and its length is approximately 900 meters.

The reserve is the most beautiful and rare at the bottom of the Red Sea and includes more than 5000 dolphins that swim, are active,

and go to sleep among the reefs of turquoise waters.

The story of the area dates back to the end of the nineties when tourism began to be active in Marsa Alam after visitors learned

about the presence of dolphins inside Samadai reefs.

The areas are declared national nature reserves, but the Society for the Preservation of the Environment in the Red Sea voluntarily manages the reserve.

Best Places To Visit in Marsa Alam Egypt
Dolphin House Sha’ab Samadai Reef

5 – Marsa Mubarak :

Marsa Mubarak, in the Red Sea, is one of the natural bays that have been home to mermaids and turtles for hundreds of years,

where tourists watch these endangered marine creatures from time to time. Of seaweed.

Among the 12 herbs that grow in the Red Sea, the mermaid feeds on only two types of them, making it her favorite place.

The mermaid animal is also distinguished by its intense fear for its young and protection for them, and in the absence of sufficient food,

it refrains from the reproduction process until He reassures that the conditions are appropriate and the food is enough to have young children.

Knowing that the increase in human influence in the Marsa Mubarak area without supervision and control threatens the survival of this rare

and endangered animals, which increases the chance of their escape from the place.

Best Places To Visit in Marsa Alam Egypt
Marsa Mubarak Marsa Alam Egypt

6 – Sharm El Luli :

The white sand beach with a charming nature inside Marsa Alam, which has become one of the most attractive places in Egypt for tourism, Ranked

among the 20 most beautiful beaches in the world, and ranked first in the list of the ten best beaches in the Middle East in 2018
If you are planning a tourist trip on one of the Egyptian beaches, Arab travelers advise you to visit Sharm El Luli beach in Marsa Alam, Egypt,

where the divine beauty is magical.

This area, located south of Marsa Alam, is considered a vast nature reserve and is regarded as the third-best natural reserve in Egypt.

It resembles in its shape a flat sandy beach with many rocky outcrops surrounded by different types of coral reefs.
It includes the endangered hawksbill turtle.
These beaches are famous among the residents of the cities of the Red Sea, other than the nickname of Sharm El-Luli after the name “Hankarab.”

Best Places To Visit in Marsa Alam Egypt
Sharm El Luli Marsa Alam Egypt

7 – El Qulan Mangrove Forest :

The coasts of the Red Sea Governorate, especially the southern ones, are famous for the emergence of dense trees of the renowned mangrove plant in the Red Sea.

These trees appear in abundance on the beaches of Safaga, and the quantity

on the beaches increases in the nature reserves areas in Marsa Alam egypt, such as Wadi Al-Hammal and south of Elba Reserve.
Which constitutes a picturesque landscape on the different shores of the Red Sea, especially the Hamata area of ​​the Wadi El-Gimal Protectorate.
The tree is one of the Red Sea’s most important trees, known as Al-Qurm, Al-Qandal, and Al-Shura.

It is the most productive coastal ecosystem, growing abundantly in tidal areas.

The mangrove trees, with branches and roots, are natural nurseries where they witness the mating of many marine creatures

and birds. The mangrove areas are homes to many endemic, rare, and endangered creatures and aquatic and wild animals.

Best Places To Visit in Marsa Alam Egypt
Mangrove Channel Marsa Alam Egypt

8 –  Mosque Shaykh Al-Farran -Marsa Alam :

It is considered one of the oldest mosques in the city of Al-Qusayr. This mosque was built in the eighteenth century

and was named after Sheikh Ibrahim Khalil Al-Farran, whose origin goes back to the eastern coast of the Red Sea,

Saudi Arabia (now). A center for mixed nationalities in the eighteenth century, this mosque is located in the old part of the city,

surrounded by historical buildings from all directions. This mosque is characterized by being charming and

will transport you when you enter a past historical era because the restoration work in the mosque was done perfectly,

taking care not to remove the historical dimension of the place. Visitors will find carpeted floors,

traditional carved wooden balconies, and a beautiful wooden minbar entering the mosque.


Best Places To Visit in Marsa Alam Egypt
Mosque Shaykh Al Farran Marsa Alam

9 – El Quseir Fort :

The harbor city of Quseir is on the Red Sea coast – a three-hour drive east of Luxor – situated at the narrowest point between the Nile River and the Red Sea.

Because of this strategically advantageous position, Quseir has operated as a commercial and military harbor since Egypt’s Roman period.

In the first century CE, a port developed at Quseir al Qadim and remained active until the fourth century.

El Quseir is the Red Sea’s oldest port, dates back to Pharaonic times, and has a fascinating but largely forgotten history.

The history of the construction of this castle dates back to the Ottoman era, and it was built before the year 998 AH / 1589 AD,

It was first mentioned in a letter dated this year and found in Qasr Ibrim in Nubia.

The castle is almost square, supported by four semi-circular corner towers, and the walls are built on the outside with limestone; it seems that this castle had a moat from the outside.

The entrance is a wooden door with two shutters, topped by a semi-circular arch,

followed by a corridor covered with a cross vault that leads to an open hall that includes the old entrance to the castle, and is topped

by an arch of interlocking stone castanets. On the other and below these entrances are terraces,

and at the end of the eastern side of the corridor, there is a door leading to the rooms built of bricks that were used for housing the soldiers.


Best Places To Visit in Marsa Alam Egypt
El Quseir Fort Marsa Alam Egypt

10 – Elphinstone Reef :

This is a cigar-shaped reef running north-south and over 400 meters in length, located in the southern Red Sea, close to Marsa Alam.

It was named after Admiral George Elphinstone, a British naval commander who served in Egypt in the Napoleonic wars at the beginning of the 19th century.,

Elphinstone Reef is one of the world’s most exciting diving destinations. A few miniature breakers are the only visible sign that

the summit of an underground mountain just below the sea’s surface; its healthy marine life and underwater landscapes make it one of the best Red Sea diving sites.
rich in colorful corals and fish species and attracting the interest of hungry barracuda, dolphins, and sharks

Two shark species attract divers looking for that unique once-in-a-lifetime close-quarters encounter with a giant sea predator.

The scarily curious oceanic whitetip and the oddly shaped hammerhead.

However, these encounters are only for highly experienced advanced divers – not primarily because of the sharks

who do not actively seek out human prey – but due to the reef’s location in the open sea, its’ alluring but dangerously deep coral plateaus and caves,

and its’ infamous and constantly changing currents.

Best Places To Visit in Marsa Alam Egypt
Elphinstone Reef Marsa Alam Egypt

11 – Al Nayzak Beach :

One of the Best Places To Visit in Marsa Alam al nayzak beach or Al Nayzak lake as the people of Marsa Alam Egypt call it is one of the city’s landmarks, and most tourism companies organize daily trips It resembles a swimming pool, but naturally, the water depth does not exceed 8 meters.

A set of three-hour drive south of Hurghada or 20 minutes from Port Ghalib, several kilometers past the Red Sea

the coastal town of Marsa Alam, you will find Al Nayzak, a natural but unusually formed rock pool that could be described as out of this world.

There is a reason behind this unique and impossible-to-recreate scenery.

The Meteor Lake is called among the local people, that this name called it as it was circulated that there was a lone meteorite that struck that area,

as it was in the past a straight beach before it took the form of a natural swimming pool, and that the space meteor that struck that area caused

the isolation of a specific area made it like a lake Small separated from the sea, and that’s what rumors about their ancestors.

The Meteor Lake is characterized by its water temperature being appropriate to the seasons of the year, as it is cold in summer and warm in winter.

The water is transparent and blue, and its temperature is the best… This is how everyone who has experienced Nayzak Lake confirms

the magical legend that has been settled on the shore of Marsa Alam for centuries. Thousands of tourists still enjoy it annually

and come from around the world to spend a few hours next to its magic that many Egyptians do not know about Anything.

Best Places To Visit in Marsa Alam Egypt
Al Nayzak Beach In Marsa Alam Egypt




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